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Whether by mediation, test or arbitration, Lawyers at Dan Dandes are generally prepared to manage the legal issues of customers with imagination effectiveness or understanding.

Safe Harbor: Legally speaking, a safe harbor describes that supply or term in a statute that removes or lowers the obligation of the celebration towards the situation beneath the law, considering the undeniable fact that what of the party were in good faith.

Scrivener: A scrivener is really a one who drafts other along with appropriate documents to get a fee, usually for others. It can be an attorney, if he doesn’t give any legal counsel, but merely drafts the report. It could be a non- for practicing law with out a certificate, attorney also, who might land in some trouble.

Self Defense: the best to guard one’s person, members of the family and property (sometimes) from damage, from your attacks of an aggressor is known as self defense. It is a defense in some cases, where the individual isn’t held accountable for an act which can be carried out in self-defense.

Immunity: A legal doctrine, which defends the sovereign or even the government from legal justice and civil suits, and claims the sovereign cannot make a legal wrong. Whenever they were acting on part of the federal government this doctrine is used to safeguard the government servants too.

Stare Decisis: A Latin term, meaning, “to uphold factors decided”. It is employed and a legitimate doctrine, which states the choice made by a judge, on the particular set of details, in a certain event, has to be followed by lower surfaces or surfaces of samein future circumstances using a related pair of details. In simple terms, resolved circumstances are binding on courts, while choosing situations with details that are related.